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My Story

Alcohol-free living has been vitally important to its founder since his decision to live sober himself on June 26,1981. He has been actively involved with Alcoholics Anonymous since then and remains active. He has also been very active with various Christian Churches. He was a practicing neurosurgeon for around 25 years and then change to management of complex chronic pain and added outpatient office management of opiate addiction with Suboxone. He has had a lot of experience in dealing with the many challenges of living life alcohol free. His nickname in AA given to him during his first year of sobriety was given to him by the Anaheim Friday night Men’s Stag meeting member called “Ungrateful Bud” who called him “Suicide Tom”! He did not commonly use this handle but shared the story of his nickname at a Klamath Falls noon meeting about 3 years ago. A friend named Kim told him after his sharing about his “Suicide Tom”: “That is one lousy nickname! You ought to change it”. “Do you have any suggestion?” “I sure do; the perfect nickname for you would be “Happy Tom!”” It turned out to be a great suggestion as it started a search for living up to that nickname.

Dr. Tom Purtzer

After retiring Doctor Happy Tom decided that he needed a new job. He settled on intensifying his research on figuring out how to help people to live their life alcohol free by whatever techniques are required. He has written a book that required two years of research that involved reading hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles. In the beginning of 2019 an article published in The Lancet, an internationally renowned British magazine, showed that “the only safe level of alcohol consumption for optimal health is Zero Drinks A Day!” This article looked at alcohol use and problems in 28 million people, in 195 countries and territories, for 26 years (1990-2016). There were also 515 investigators from hundreds of famous institutions. This paper also determined that “there are NO benefits from drinking alcohol!” This set the tone for Doctor Happy Tom’s approach to alcohol. He had to figure out how to help as many people as possible to personally choose to live their life alcohol free. He found that he had to figure out how to get this message out to children and teens in order to limit the damage that alcohol causes to their brain! He found several scientific papers that pointed out that “Alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the world!” The danger is getting worse in the past five years the death rate from alcohol has doubled up to 144,000 a year in the USA in 2022. There is every harbinger that this death rate will continue to climb.

Dr. Tom Purtzer
Happy Living

This website is offered as an educational site. A blog will present brief and understandable analysis of important scientific papers. These papers will also be available to download. A free telephone consultation of 30 minutes will be provided to whoever is interested. These are not medical consultations but rather a form of “talk therapy”. Longer consultation are available for $100 per hour, prepaid.

People with difficulties in living who choose to drink alcohol can oftentimes develop very complex problems with their health, mental/emotional suffering, relationship challenges, work difficulties and “spiritual issues”. These can be very difficult to sort out but the place to start is learning why they should decide to live alcohol-free. There are many issues with continuing to stay alcohol free and we now are aware of many simple actions that can be taken to make living life one day at a time easier such as Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplementation, where indicated and the use of micronutrients supplementation, where indicated.

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